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CARTERET Mortgage Corporation was originally incorporated in Virginia on August 21, 1991 as WEINCO, Inc. , a family-run company 100% owned by Eric Weinstein. It lay dormant until September 1995 when it changed its name to CARTERET Mortgage Corporation and applied for a Virginia Mortgage Brokers license. The State of Virginia requires an exhaustive credit, financial, work experience and personal reference check of all corporate officers before approving a Virginia Mortgage Broker license. On October 31, 1995, the corporation received its license and opened for business as a Virginia mortgage broker. Its other state licenses soon followed. As of fiscal year end 2002, CARTERET Mortgage Corporation operated business in all 50 states, including Washington, D.C., with over 2000 loan officers generating billions in loans per year, and growing.

Carteret Mortgage is not a subsidiary of any other company nor is a parent to any other company. Its President, Eric Weinstein, has a strong financial background with a B.S. Degree from Florida State University (1980) and an MBA in Finance from Florida International University (1985). He has many years experience in originating, processing and closing residential mortgages and a large realtor following. Previous work experience encompasses 12 years of Commercial credit and lending seasoning.

CARTERET MORTGAGE CORPORATION was founded based upon the dual concepts of well-trained, well-paid human resources and the strategic advantage computerization will change the mortgage industry over the next 5 years. Processors are replaced with computers and experienced loan officers willing do a little extra work for a higher commission base. By keeping corporate overhead extremely low, CARTERET offers better pay to loan officers, increased job longevity and job satisfaction while also providing better rates through thinner broker margins for our clientele.

Reduced overhead provides a better quality of life for the employees and increases productivity. All employees are paid under W-2 wages and Carteret Mortgage Corporation remains responsible for their actions. Due to the high level of knowledge, experience and strict recruiting standards, loan officers are extremely trustworthy.

The Carteret Mortgage Corporation Management Team

Carteret Mortgage is an Equal Opportunity Lender

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