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Why Choose Carteret Mortgage?

Carteret currently has mortgage licenses and/or can do business in 49 states and Washington, D.C..  Carteret is individually owned, not a large impersonal corporation.
What does it take to work at Carteret Mortgage?

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Carteret is FHA and VA approved.
Carteret is approved as an originator by over 400 major wholesale lenders: Bank of America, Citicorp, INDY MAC, Washington Mutual, First Horizon, Molton-Allen-Williams, Chase, Countrywide, Flagstar, Chevy Chase, Interfirst, plus many others.
Carteret is in the forefront of today's technology, communicating through E-Mail, web pages, sites for advertising, and subscriptions to Lion, Inc.-the mortgage industry's Internet lender hotline.
Carteret licensed branches operate independently but also have the advantage of support from both headquarters and other branches.
Carteret is rapidly expanding through the best advertising medium available today - word of mouth. Friends recruiting friends. Loan Officers recruiting competitors.
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Carteret provides a very high compensation package plus a recruitment bonus for every new employee you hire. No glass ceiling. Medical, Life and disability insurance is available as is a 401K plan.
Carteret provides technical support and keeps loan officers up-to-date on changes in the marketplace.
Carteret provides loan officers with the choice of becoming a self-sufficient business either as an individually home-based business (where permitted by state and federal regulations) or as an office-based branch with several loan officers.
Carteret doesn't hold earned commissions for months before dispersing. Commissions are paid as received weekly. Appraisers are also paid weekly.
Last but not least, Carteret's owner is a working loan officer with years of experience which means he understands the business.
We are looking for experienced loan officers: Loan officers who know how to process and Processors who know how to be a loan officer.

If you are interested in becoming a Loan Officer with Carteret Mortgage,
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As of August 2002, we are the 6th largest Mortgage Broker in the country and growing fast!


* Carteret is an Equal Opportunity Employer.